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  • About <strong>Hsieh Hsu</strong>

    About Hsieh Hsu

    About <strong>Hsieh Hsu</strong>

    Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., LTD has been in existence since 1980. For more than 40 years, Hsieh Hsu employees have been distinguished by special perseverance in corrugating, honesty, diligence and pursuit of technological excellence. Hsieh Hsu machines are invested with the latest technology, research at R&D center and strict technological production control. Since the beginning of creation, the company achieves technological innovation with “smart” and “energy-saving” resources without harming the environment.

    The basic spirit of Hsieh Hsu is total dedication, emphasis on capacity and planning, constantly improving the mechanical quality of the lines and making them more efficient. All corrugators comply with international quality and standards.

    Departments have been established for continuous upgrading and after-sales service:Dongguan Hsieh Hsu in Guangdong Province in 1997;
    Kunshan Hsieh Hsu – built in 2002;
    Jiangxi Hsieh Hsu – in Jiangxi Province in 2008;
    Chongqing Hsieh Hsu – built in 2011.All branches offer spare parts, consumables, corrugator repair and various after-sales services.


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    Over the past 40 years, Hsieh Hsu has offered the world more than 1,000 prefabricated production lines.

    Now corrugated board lines have the largest market share in the industry in Asia.

    The company uses Taiwan and China as its main operating centers, which provides customers around the world with a seamless information channel and a flexible delivery route.


    Head Office:
    NO. 141, Lu Chu Street, Lu Chu Village, Lu Chu Hsiang
    Tel: +886-3-3221314~5

    Representative Office in Russia and CIS countries::
    197341, St. Petersburg, 33 Kolomyazhsky pr.
    Тел: +7 (812) 385-85-88